World of Danfoss

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On this blog i will post my adventures in World of Danfoss.
World of Danfoss is the world where my World of Warcraft characters live, eat and fight in.

The main character in the story will be Stardancer. A Troll mage full of fire.
Stardancer is currently 40 years old. In World of Danfoss a person is considered to be a in the strenght of his life when he reaches the age of 70.

The World of Danfoss is a beautifull world full of wonderfull creatures and cities.

The past 40 years Stardancer developed into a fine young character, serving the Horde factions with his questing and grinding sessions.

Just after Stardancer became the age of 40 he received a riding pet for his duties.

Now on his Raptor pet he storms the badlands looking for experience points.